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Can Your Children Pursue Their College Dreams?

Education Planning & College Funding

Set Your Children Up For Success

Do you want your kids to go to college? Be able to pursue the career of their dreams? They can. And you can help make that happen with an intentional plan to save for their education. We understand the desire to provide the best educational future for your children. We are parents just like you and want the same for our kids.

We will help guide you with a purposeful plan which may include: 

  • Develop a strategy to achieve funding needs while taking your current situation into account
  • 529 Investment Plans
  • Monitor progress on your children's journey to college and make adjustments where needed
College Funding Made Purposeful

College Funding Made Purposeful

We will help you plan purposefully for your children's education. By setting up a college funding plan, they will be a step closer to pursuing the career of their dreams.

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Tips and Things To Know About Planning for Your Children's Education

Want to learn more about saving for your children's education? Check out the resourcces below. We've compiled some of the best education articles, videos, presentations, infographics and useful calculators - all in an effort to help guide your children's educational journey.

<p>Estimating the Cost of College</p>

Estimating the Cost of College

This worksheet can help you estimate the costs of a four-year college program.
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<p>The Half Million Dollar Baby</p>

The Half Million Dollar Baby

The true cost of raising a child may be far more than you expect.
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