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What Matters To You Today?

What Matters To You Today?

| January 20, 2021

I happened to catch Leo Babauta on the Tim Ferris podcast (#488) during a walk on the frozen water of Long Lake in Harrison, MI between Christmas and New Year.  A very inspiring real-life story. Went to Mr. Babauta's website, and signed up for email distribution list. 

This was a recent email that hits home and is likely a good reminder for many of us. 

Hi there, 
Today is a good day. I'm healthy, fairly well rested, and I have people in my life who I love. I get to do work that's meaningful. 
It's these simple but essential things that matter. We create all kinds of ways we're doing this wrong, all kinds of ways we're falling short, but those are just a narrative of wrongness that makes everything more difficult. 
We often take what matters most for granted, and focus on the ways we're falling short. 
What matters most to you today? What do you care most about? 
What one thing would you like to get done, that would make a difference? 
I'm grateful for you. 
Leo Babauta 
Zen Habits 

Challenge yourself to turn OFF the news, stop looking at social media, and give thought to the above. 

Thank you loyal readers, and questions always welcomed to where real life meets real people and we give real advice. 

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