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I have a great joke about procrastination... I'll tell you later

| February 16, 2020
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When I was in college, nothing got done until the early hours of the morning of the due date. I was an expert in procrastinating, and treated "tomorrow" like a mythical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation, and achievement was stored. Still, I managed good grades in spite of my bad habits. 

Such is not the case when it comes to investing. Wasting time means losing out on your greatest ally as an investor: the power of compound interest. As an Advisor, I often share with clients the cost of waiting. This can be done literally, with a financial calculator, or anecdotally, as in the video below. Click the link to learn more, then stop making excuses and start taking action... today!

103 Cost of Procrastination 630

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