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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist: 25+ Ideas to Help You Check Over Your Home

| May 10, 2019

With Spring finally here, it's time to take a couple of hours to review how your place survived the winter.  Below is a partial checklist to help with the process:

Outside Home

Inspect roof for shingles that are missing, curled up at edges or have moved out of position.

Clean gutters and downspouts. Make sure they are still in place and properly secured.

Look for pooling water after big spring rains close to home foundation.

Check landscape elevation next to house to make sure drainage slope still properly directs water away from home foundation.

Check shrubs and trees for cracked or broken branches, have growth over roof and close to home trimmed or removed.

Inspect painted surfaces and touch up if necessary.

Check exterior water spigots and supply lines for cracks and leaks.

Check condition of caulk around doors and windows.

Have A/C tune-up performed.

Oil garage door channels.

Check outside electrical outlets.

Inspect yard implements (mower, etc.) to make sure no critters are nesting within before starting them.

Tune up yard implements by replacing spark plug and air filter.  Have mowing blades sharpened.  Your local hardware store (not the big box places) will often be able to help.

Run gas out of your snowblower.

Consider spraying perimeter of house for ants and other insects.

Pick up any trash or debris around grounds that may have accumulated over winter.

If applicable:

Inspect deck surface and handrails for sturdiness; wash/re-seal if necessary.

For walk-out basements, check retaining walls for damage.

Check fences around property and pools for damage, especially if home has small children/pets.

Inside Home

Replace furnace and air conditioning filters (have the furnace inspected and cleaned).

Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries. (Replace detectors every 10 years.)

Test fire extinguishers.

Inspect/clean entire length of dryer vent to outside or have it professionally inspected/cleaned.

Check indoor and outdoor air vents for blockages.

Inspect attic for moisture and signs of animal intrusion.

Check basement for any interior cracks or water seepage.

Check that sump pump is operating; if battery back-up exists, check that battery still holds charge.

Have basement drain inspected and any roots/debris removed to avoid backup into basement.

Inspect electrical cords for wear/damage.

Check for ant infestation.

Spring clean to eliminate clutter.

Wash windows and inspect screens for damage/holes.

Make note of all large/newly purchased items. Discuss with your insurance agent to make sure items are properly insured.

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